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Have you ever walked into a room and felt that something was 'off'?

Do you feel at peace in your workplace, home and your relationships with others?

Many of us spend our lives in negative spaces not being conscious that the energy we are immersed in affects how we feel and every decision we make. That is, until it becomes evident in an intractably negative way.

Those spaces, include our workplaces, homes and personal relationships - each having a resonant energy signature which unconsciously dictates your ability to experience life satisfaction.

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About Me

As a former practising lawyer, I became aware that most business structures operate within the model of a closed system. Closed systems exhibit power struggles and drain power on every level: financially, emotionally and physically. This often creates conflict, toxic environments and stagnancy. It is from this observation that Virginia formed the Conscious Business Consulting Group.

We are moving from the information age into a more improvisational age, where we will need to understand and embody radical new ideas if we are to create sustainable shifts. Aside from holding a Diploma in Yoga Teaching, Virginia has studied with world leaders in consciousness and in the energetic properties found in unseen realities. Her 25+ years of experience within the legal system has afforded her a deeper understanding that these unseen realities must be considered when making those shifts to resolving internal organizational conflicts.

Virginia works with all business structures experiencing any problem including conflict, stagnancy and loss of vitality. 

In collaboration with you or your team, I audit areas affecting present 'levels' of consciousness to locate the energetic resistances. Once dissolved, we tap back into the vitality needed to unlock creativity and progression. 

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