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Is it possible?

Paradise at work's bird of paradise flower

We are meant to have fun in life and despite popular belief, your life does include your work.

I'm Virginia Robin. During my many years as a practising lawyer, I wrote and advised on policies and regulations that governed others. 

I discovered that where limitation has been imposed, there is a corresponding decrease in available resources, and fun. And the most valuable resources available to any team are delivered via each individual.

As inherently creative beings we are most content and have the most fun in environments where the limitations have been removed so we can authentically explore.  

Where authenticity is present a natural coherence among team members animates

What I offer

When functioning in coherence, teams are far more productive in their area of expertise. I specialize in creating idyllic environments to animate coherence within organizations.

Teams are guided to meet personal authenticity and experience true collaboration via fun, experiential methods. 

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Virginia Robin is a peace specialist and mediator peace specialist

About Virginia

In 2012 a rather embarrassing event brought Virginia to her knees, literally. Life tripped her up and in doing so introduced her to a state of peace she'd never felt before. Seeking to maintain that peaceful state within her busy legal practice and otherwise turbulent personal life was the catalyst for self-inquiry and exploration into the meaning of peace and life satisfaction.

In a move from practising lawyer to becoming a Peace Specialist and Nationally accredited Mediator, Virginia understood that we are collectively regulating ourselves away from the peace we seek. With a Diploma in Yoga Teaching as the basis for further inquiry, Virginia spent 10 years studying with world leaders in the field of consciousness and physics to understand that the keys to peace are found in how we respond energetically to our natural world.

Putting this into practice, her 25+ years of experience within the legal system and her own lived experiences afforded her a deeper understanding of how to align naturally with the state of paradise. 

More than anything Virginia loves fun and laughs at herself often. You can laugh at her too as she tells her side of life's story about how she found herself in paradise, right here in her latest book. 

Peace Specialist

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