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Conscious Business Consulting

Disrupting stagnancy and revitalization

Henry Ford said it best, 'if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got'.

When I practised as a lawyer, I dealt with people's problems, some insurmountable ones. What I realized was the legal system sustains problems rather than providing resolutions to them. This is true of most closed systems. They stagnate, become stale and lack progression.

Why is this?

A business is also a system. There are many organizations looking for vital solutions to stagnancy. They are looking for radically new ideas, but are unaware that they are drawing on the past to project a future.  They are then faced with a problem that they cannot readily solve.

A radically alternative model in conscious governance disrupts outdated thinking. It asks that everything be viewed as energy. Simple principles of physics are employed so that the stagnant or negative energy permeating an organization is located and dissolved. This requires insight and the embodiment of innovative skills.

A familiarity is developed with the existence of various energy fields present within both organizational and personal situations. Understanding that each field possesses a resonant energetic signature based on the specific situation, we can 'melt the glue' holding these fields in stagnancy by firstly assessing the state of individual energies within the field.

Revitalization, evolution and expansion can be achieved upon an energetic shift at a personal or organizational level. Effective shifts result in more coherent teams, expanded satisfaction in workflow and more profitable services.

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