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Paradise in action

'Paradise works through you' were the initial instructions given to each participant in this diverse group. What does that mean? It means the state of paradise must be felt, or experienced by you first, before you see it in your world.

BE Paradise, before you DO paradise.

Diversity is valued

We each bring something unique to this life. Life is like a canvas to be painted on.

We cannot create a complete canvas, without a diversity of perspectives being available. Each participant understood the innate value they brought to this project.

Collaborative intelligence

All perspectives will not be available to us without the ability to collaborate. True collaboration cannot occur until each collaborator feels free to express their authenticity. This in an intelligence that is independent of external influence. It comes from within.

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1 canvas

98 Collaborators

Authenticity is accessed from a highly conscious state, a state that feels peaceful, or satisfying. A place that feels like paradise.

It is from here we access our unique expression, before we make our mark in life.

The result

'The nature of us'

From a broad spectrum of diversity in age, religion, race and culture a collaborative expression of divinity was created. 

The nature of us.jpg

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