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Make Your Mark in Paradise

Express yourself with confidence.

Welcome to a playful in-person experience to invigorate team coherence. Virginia holds a fun space as she guides team members all the way from messing up an 'intimidating' blank canvas through playful mark-making, to a completed piece of paradise in her abstract expressionistic style.

Over two days, team individuals learn who they are within the group dynamic. Highlighted for the team is the value of drawing upon individual expression to enhance group coherence.

Personal confidence is nurtured as personal limiting believes are dissolved. This program offers plenty of a-ha moments, silliness and laughter, all finished off with a colorful collaborative art piece to remind the team of their individual contribution and value within the team.

This form of collaboration, feels like paradise.

Your team will learn:

  • Collaborative intelligence.

  • The benefits of confident assertiveness.

  • The difference between assertion and aggression in team coherence.

  • The foundations of making decisions to align with preferred outcomes.

  • The importance of trusting in personal decisions and how to respond when they do not align with the majority of the team.

  • How to access authenticity.

  • Ways to access a higher levels of creative resources.

  • Using a navigation technique to negotiate optimal solutions.

  • Recreating team engagement with a new sense of fun!.

Suited to all teams seeking a more cohesive and optimal environment, including: C-suite, not for profit boards, key personnel, HR leaders, community groups and sporting groups.

Each program is created specifically to align with your team's needs. See paradise in action here

If you want to know more, please book here to discuss your requirements.

The Journey

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