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Paradise@work Project

accessing your 'peace' of paradise


Peace on demand

In under 1 hour you and your group will learn a technique enabling you to access a state of peace no matter your environment.

For booking types click here.

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Make your mark

A fun journey for teams seeking greater coherence, Making your Mark is an experiential workshop which will challenge individuality and authenticity. By self-exploration through mark making techniques we uncover aspects of ourselves otherwise hidden and limiting our individual potential.

Here, we truly celebrate the individual as an integral part of a more coherent whole.

A collaborative experience offered at the place of your group environment or on retreat.

For more details click through here.

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Bespoke Conflict
Resolution Services

Not your average approach to conflict.

As a Peace Specialist, my methods are non-traditional, focusing on each individual within the dynamic.

For initial inquiries click through here.

Speaking engagements

Creating Sustainable Change

When we're feeling like life isn't a bowl of cherries, we want things to change. There's a little secret about making sustainable change that I've experienced but many people don't yet know about. 

Don't wait for a Monday or New Year's Day to make the change you seek, talk to me here about speaking at your next conference.  

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